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ACTIVEYE combines CCTV with artificial intelligence to provide a powerful security surveillance model based on the concept of self-learning.

The software introduces a rule-based environment which builds a database of so-called normal versus abnormal behaviours. When an abnormal event occurs – such as a person entering a premises outside normal hours, or an individual arriving with a weapon – officers on site are notified of the event to enable them to react to it.

No capex is required as the software can be implemented into existing CCTV systems.


How it Works

ACTIVEYE provides AI solutions for the security and facilities management industries. ACTIVEYE uses a combination of analytics tools to generate rules based on site activities, which are thereafter processed by an AI engine to notify stakeholders of any behaviour anomalies, in real-time.

The company’s platform relies on various analytics tools which include:

These analytics tools are applied to the data captured by on-site CCTV. ACTIVEYE can exceed the data captured by any other CCTV solution on the market by converting any general purpose 2-megapixel IP or analogue camera into a facial recognition and number plate recognition camera by using ACTIVEYE’s AI.

The AI can plug into the existing camera system on site. The AI does not interfere with the video management system (VMS) or analytics that are inherent in an existing CCTV installation.

The ACTIVEYE self-learning algorithms analyze the data. The outcome is a continually evolving behaviour, and corresponding rules. From this, anomalous behaviour can be identified and the correct personnel alerted to the event in real- time. In this way all alarm signals, be it intruder alarms, fence alarms or fire alarms, can be managed on a single software interface.

This is best demonstrated by analyzing security as a stand-alone sphere, despite a substantial overlap existing between it and others, particularly facilities management.


Augmented Reality & Reports

ACTIVEYE has developed a unique algorithm, known as DataView, to present the metadata that is generated by the system. This enables the users from the various disciplines who need access to the system to be presented with relevant data.

ACTIVEYE provides animated interfaces for security, operations and management. All use the same data, but it is presented and displayed differently.

Security Interface

The security display enables the operator to access the live camera feed to the area where a problem has been identified. Blacklisted people or vehicles can be identified as soon as they enter the premises.

  • Suspicious people can be identified in real-time.
  • Real-time number plate recognition and identification of cloned number plate.
  • 9,000 object recognition allows for dangerous weapon identification.
  • Suspicious activities can be identified due to learnt patterns, rules and activity analysis. Where anomalous behaviour is detected, an alarm is raised the stakeholders are informed via Telegram.
  • The data allows for the deployment of security staff based on empirical data and allows for the efficient utilization of personnel.
  • The live tracking of all people in a facility allows for the effective management of emergency situations.

Operational Interface

Each industry has its own operational requirements and the display is modified to meet their deliverables.

  • Management decisions can be made based on the distribution of people or products in a facility.
  • The health of an environment can be monitored in real-time.
  • Monitoring cleaning, landscaping and similar activities is simplified.

Management Interface

To report on the data collected, the company uses a standardized Power BI. The standard reporting tab can be used to generate the required reports and Power BI allows the user to apply further filters to modify the standard report if necessary. Since the data is dynamic, the Power BI interface is continually updating. Reports are generated for set periods and at predetermined times to ensure valuable comparative data.


ACTIVEYE has been successfully implemented in shopping malls, office parks, car parks, stores, residential estates & homes within South Africa.

It is perfectly suited to any industry or premises that is tasked with ensuring the safety of staff, clients, customers, tenants, visitors and/or patients; protecting property; recording data for statistical purposes; & assessing people’s reactions.

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